If your son or your daughter is about to enter into year 3, 4, 5 or 6 and you’re thinking about where to send them in Perth, then you are not the only parents who is going through this suffering. No parent is alone worrying about their child’s future based on their education in the present. The junior year is one of the most important years in the building the core foundation of your child. You cannot afford to be stingy on this period of education and must put in all your efforts and resources in finding the right school for your son or for your daughter.

All Saints College

Even though the name reads ‘College’, this institute of education provides education from pre-kindergarten to year 12. They are located in Perth and are very reachable and friendly. Their curriculum is based on the WACF and the National Australian Curriculum.

Junior School

Their junior school is one of the most interactive schools and is conducive for learning proper education. They achieve this by allowing children to have their own voice and engaging them in an active manner of learning that is more fun for the children, hence easier to pay attention to and to absorb.

The Subjects

There is a wide range of subjects that are taught at All Saints College. From mathematics developing a number sense to making science understandable with a properly devised method of 5Es and history about Australia to make the more educated. ICT is also another way children are learning the tools needed for this new world, to make them prepared for the assumed knowledge and set of skills in their practical lives. Outdoor Learning Programs are also an opportunity for your child to learn in the best applicable way.