Many who want to come to US find it hard to get a visa and there are different reasons behind that, but one really common mistake is not having the right information about the type of visa you should apply, students have no choice but to apply for the student visa which is granted once an institution gives an admission, but for those who want to move in permanently they have different options like work visa or the EB5 investment program, the business visa program has helped many fulfill their dream of having a business in the United states and to this date people are benefiting from this visa program.

U.S Immigration Fund generally known as USIF is one of the largest regional center operator in the country, with over twenty four significant projects and Billions of dollars invested this is exactly the kind of regional center one would feel comfortable investing with, the role of the regional center is really important and it is vital for the foreign investors as the regional center is the bridge between local businesses and foreign investment, the entire portfolio of investment is there in front of the regional center owned by USIF, they then manage the commercial businesses and deal with foreign agents.

If you are among those who wish to apply for the EB5 visa then there are a couple of really important things you must know, there are strict requirements which must be met and these USCIS requirements are known by the regional centers, make sure your agent who must be in contact with the regional center provides you with all the necessary information before applying for the EB5, now is the time to make your dream come true and EB5 has made that possible for you.