Every parent knows that you cannot give pillows to a newborn. Firstly, their necks are not developed enough, and secondly, they do not need that support yet, and they should instead, be sleeping on flat surface. Now, once your child has passed the age of 18 months or over, their shoulders are now bigger than their heads and their neck and spine is better developed, and they now need the support of a pillow.

You cannot give any pillow to your child, in fact, you need to buy toddler pillows for your child since they are appropriately sized and made to fit a toddler’s needs. If you are looking to buy a toddler pillow, you can use a Brentwood home coupon and save some money as well. There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when you are choosing a toddler pillow, and we will be listing them down below.

  • You need to strike the right balance between a soft and firm pillow because an overly soft pillow poses as a suffocation risk, and a pillow that is too firm will cause muscle problems. When looking for pillows, you should poke your finger in the center of the pillow, and if the pillow fails to regain shape at all, it is too soft, and if the pillow barely sinks in or moves when you press on it, it is too hard. A good toddler pillow should sink in and then regain its shape again quickly.
  • Different companies offer satisfaction guarantees for their pillow, and this guarantee can extend from a few weeks to a few years as well. Going for pillows with longer satisfaction guarantees mean that they are made of good materials that their manufacturer believes in.
  • The toddler pillow should be made of a material that is good for your child and does not affect any allergies.