The use of micro fiber towel for different sorts of cleaning is not new and these are good products which work fine with a few types of cleaning, but it should not be confused with Nano towels, because Nano towels are somewhat different from the regular micro fiber towels as these work perfectly for cleaning and dusting all sorts of stuff, whether wet or dry you can use the Nano towels, before reading positive or negative reviews on the internet you should have the knowledge of how the Nano towel actually works and that will help you understand the claim that it can work without any soap and you wouldn’t have a hard time believing that it actually does clean up without any soap.

Over 100,000 micro Nanolons work together to clean, wipe and swipe and the best part is that you can use it to clean countertops and even cars with water and use the other side of the fabric to dry the thing, this amazing fabric does not soak all that water and the other side is good enough to dry the countertop, window or whatever else you are cleaning with it, limiting the use of soap and chemicals would not only help you maintain the color and everything but it will not affect your skin as well, these chemical cleaners have toxins which are not good for our skin but since we had any option but to use it we were stuck with that, now that we have the amazing Nano towel we can clean things properly with just water. If this article hasn’t been enough of an education on the Nano towel and there are still some questions ringing in your head regarding the use of Nano towel then click here to learn more about how Nano towels work.