In this era “the cloud” is considered a hot topic and each large organization seems to invest large amount of money to back-up its valuable data. Web Hosting has seen major improvements after the introduction of cloud-based services as now the controlling access is no more limited to one server or one location. This “Divide and Rule” system has revolutionized the entire concept of hosting services as it has equipped businesses with modern tools useful to allocate resources in a much efficient manner. Gone are the days when the service providers used to ask their clients to halt business activities in case of a bandwidth problem because now they are no more dependent on just one server.

When the last time you heard a website was facing downtime due to increased traffic, it is more than probable that was a decade ago. Now the hosting providers are providing security solutions that have built-in features to resort to a backup server in case there is a DDoS attack. The server hardware should be up-to-date and well-maintained because its bad condition can put the company’s confidential data at risk. Cloud hosting has allowed all the websites to keep on running because in case of a server malfunction, the secondary servers kick in to keep the process going. Javapipe is known for their top notch cloud hosting and security solutions and you should definitely check them out for related services.

Managing the cloud architecture of a company requires high amount of financial resources as it depends upon updated patches and software. For companies that use dedicated servers, they might not have to spend as much amount of money because of the limitation. It all depends upon the actual needs of the company and its security demands according to the current environment.