Although in the natural world the transfer of heat from one place to another is actually very common but there are a lot of people who do not already know this. However, transferring heat from one location to another specific, target location is not natural and can only be done with the help of a heat pump. Heat Pumps are easily available at boliglab varmepumpe tilbud. The biggest modern day example of transfer of heat is that of refrigerators and air conditioners. Whereas, heat pumps can essentially be used as both heating and even cooling systems as well.

They are much more efficient and better in performance as compared to other heating systems used in housing. Whereas, you should also know that if you are planning on buying a heat pump you will need to have some insight about them before you purchase them and for that we would advise you to start doing your research from now only. If you are already not aware of the variants of heat pumps available, as a basic guide we will talk about the two main types of heat pumps that are currently being sold in the market, check them out below.

Air Sourced Pump

This type of heat pump is more suited for moderate or stable climates such as the UK. The heat pumps that use air source are fitted just like regular heating systems and they draw in the air from outside, transfer the heat with the help of compression and copper conductive coils. Whenever you need heat, the liquid refrigerant basically transfers heat from the outside environment and when the air is passed through the coil, it produces warmth that is then passed on inside the house.