Hot water is an important industrial, commercial and household need. It is important especially in areas of cold weather but is required in warm weather as well. Normally water is heated via an electrical unit and the traditional geysers are ditched for them as they are cheaper, use electricity and do not take loads of volume. The prices of a water heating systems depend on a number of factors like size, model, features, the amount of electricity consumed etc. So today we will be looking at a few of these hot water systems installed by Plumbdog and which one should you choose.

Electric water heaters are of two main types. The first one is a tank water heater. It has a tank of different volumes and can store water in it. The water is heated in batches. For instance, if a tank has 25 gallons capacity it will heat water in batches of 25 gallons. The instant one heats water on the go. It heats water as soon as you open the tap and it stops doing it as soon as you turn off the tap. It even though does not hold water and provides instant hot water; it uses a really high heating temperature to heat the water which requires a lot of energy.

But regardless of it, it is increasingly popular these days as it does save an ample amount of storage space and saves energy as it works as a hybrid.  The instant water heater costs somewhere between $600 and $1300 depending on the features, brands, models etc. These instant electric water heaters are also now available with solar panels which use solar power to heat water which helps immensely to save energy and during times of cold weathers, when hot water is scarce, you can have limitless supply of hot water at a cheap cost.