Normally people would think that having a desk job is one of the best ways for them to stay out of office and work place related accidents. How could you end up harming yourself if you are simply sitting in one place all day long? You can say that sitting all day is bad and makes you gain weight but people could simply argue back saying that they can easily go to the gym after they are done with work.

SO it would seem that a desk job would be perfectly fine even if you end up sitting for about 8 hours per day as long as you can do something about the weight that you would gain from not burning calories sitting throughout the job. However, what most people do not know is that there is often an increased risk of a lot of damage being done to your body by sitting around all day, and things like dieting or doing a regular sort of exercise does not really help you get rid of the effects of it.

The main problem is the fact that your hip flexor muscles become tied up and that is very problematic. This damage is not undone by simply doing the exercise you normally would at the gym and you specifically need to fix that separately. With these muscles tightened, walking, running, bending, jumping, and a whole lot of other movements run a higher risk of causing pain to our lower back region. With these muscles being directly responsible for these movements, over time you run the risk of damaging you back or tail bone. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a great exercise tutorial that can help you get risd of the tightening and loosen you up. Unlock Your Hip Flexors review can be found online.