Tents are used for so many purposes and in so many different settings that sometimes it boggles the mind and the truth is that if tents did not exist then people would have a real problem in many of their events. Through this article, we plan on enlightening our readers about the different kinds of tents that are available in the market and that are used by the public.

Beach Tent

Most of us have inner beach enthusiasts inside of us and for that enthusiasts, this article would provide some great information as we will be talking about beach tentsĀ  in length. If you go to DotBeasts.com, you would be able to find a lot more about beach tents and other kinds of tents too. Beach tents are specifically made for a beachy trip as their material is light enough to let in the wind and provide good ventilation. Every beach tent is different but most of them come with sand pockets and stakes so that the tent can be fixed and weighed down. There are many beach tents that have a coating on them to provide protection against the UV rays and usually the material is water proof which is a feature needed on the beach.

Clear Tent

In our opinion, clear tents are very interesting because their structure is elegant enough like a pole or frame tent but the material is completely transparent. This type of tent is great for leople who wish to enjoy their surroundings but want to be protected from elements like wind and dust. This is a great tent for camping trips and even beach adventures as it allows the user to gaze at the sky and enjoy the view.