A punch card is a piece of paper or plastic that is simply used to keep track of something; for example every time a certain action takes place one can either put a stamp on their punch card or punch a hole in it. These cards are often used by businesses to provide customers with incentives to return to them after every visit, if you have a retail store, a restaurant or any other kind of business that offers services or products to customers then you can make use of punch cards as a pretty effective marketing tool.

The way punch cards are used by businesses is simple; customers are given a card on their first visit, this card will have a certain number of checkboxes in it that will keep track of how many times a customer has visited you. Once they have made a certain number of visits they can receive a kind of reward or some other bonus.

A well-made punch card can provide a customer with a sort of goal that they will be constantly reminded to complete, the reward at the end of the goal gives customers a reason to keep on coming back to you, at the very least this ensures that you will be able to generate more business form the same person and in the best case scenario, the customer might just end up as a permanent source of business for you. For a punch card to be effective, you need to design it well, Think Before you Link School is a website that can help you figure out a great punch card template design, this website has free templates for all kinds of documents and printable items, making it a great place for gathering ideas.