Before we get into the main topic, we would like to talk about fire tables or fire pit tables. A fire table is a piece of furniture that has a fire pit and a table all in one. Some have a separate designated place for the fire pit while others are fire pits that get converted into tables.

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Fire tables are making their place in everyone backyards or patios but should people be purchasing them so flippantly?  We are going to list down some advantages and disadvantages which will help you decide whether you should get the fire table or not.

Pros of Fire Pit Tables

  • They are a combination of a fire pit and table which means that you would not need to purchase any of it separately. You can utilize both the functions at the same time in an effective and stylish manner.
  • These tables are a mark of luxury and good taste and immediately add a certain quality to the interior of the house.
  • A fire table is a conversation starter because as soon as any guest lays their eyes on it, they are definitely going to ask you tons of questions. Moreover, it will be admired greatly and would leave a fine impression on anyone who sees it.
  • They can be a centerpiece of any party and even family nights and can provide you with unlimited memories of sitting around the fire and enjoying with your loved ones.

Cons of Fire Tables

  • They pose a risk to the safety of people around it or inhabitants of the house.
  • They can be extremely dangerous for young children.