A strict product liability claim is when the consumer of a product files a complaint because he/she suffered an injury because of the product so they sue the manufacturers of the product which makes sense because it is the fault of the manufacturer. When it comes to personal injury, usually the defendant gets a chance to actually be able to plead negligence on his/her part but when it comes to a strict liability claim, it is not possible because the main fault of the defendant is not that the consumer got injured, the main fault is that the manufacturer allowed a dangerous product to go out in the market.

Now the one thing that the plaintiff needs to understand here is that even though the manufacturer would be unable to plead his negligence, the plaintiff needs to prove a couple of things in order to make the case authentic. The plaintiff needs to prove that the product was faulty and dangerous when it was still in the hands of the manufacturer, the injury occurred due to some fault with the design, manufacturing or marketing method, the defect was significantly serious and made the product actually harmful and finally that the defect was indeed the thing that caused the injury and nothing else was responsible.

If the consumer is able to prove all of that then the ball is pretty much in his court but in order to be able to prove all of that effectively, the plaintiff would need to hire an excellent lawyer that is experienced in handling such cases. The next important thing is that not only the manufacturing can be sued, the distributor and the sub-sellers can also be sued but you would need to consult your lawyer about it.