Let’s have you take a moment to think about what beauty accessory you just cannot do without? Some would say that their limited edition pallets are the secret to their make up while others might say that it’s because of their collection of brushes that they can create such dazzling looks. These might be the first things that will pop into anyone’s head when asked such a question but what about the mirror?

Make up is critical work and no one’s ever created a flawless look just by guess work; no, you need to be able to see what you’re doing no matter how many times you’ve already done it. If you’ve had to make do with a cheap pocket mirror or the mirror in a public bathroom to touch up your make up, you already know that it’s near impossible to create a flawless look using a poor quality mirror. Good make up mirrors are made in a way that allows you to see every little detail of your face up close so you can spot and eliminate those streaks and patches that ruin your foundation.

We spend so much money on our beauty products and we damn well deserve to look flawless after having spent that much money and having a good make up mirror on your dressing table can make all the difference between that flawless look and that obviously make up caked face. Before you can pick out a make-up mirror that you can work the best with, you need to be mindful of what makes a good mirror worth buying.

The best way to go about this is to read a few reviews about make up mirrors. Your mirror is your best friend when it comes to creating your look and you can’t have it lying to you!