When most average income families thin about buying or renting a real estate property, the first thing that comes to their mind is an apartment. This trend is changing nowadays as most people are investing in new condo projects that are strategically located in urban areas. These types of dwellings are mostly high rise buildings but they can also be town houses or duplexes.

There are currently large numbers of young investors who are willing to buy fresh condo units because of the freedom from all the responsibilities that are required for owning a single-family house. No more anxiety about maintaining the grass in the front lawn or shoving off the snow from the roof, but is this lifestyle worth it for you? People who are accustomed to living in cabin type of houses that are located in far and remote places, they may not have a good time living in a condo because of the lack of privacy and personal space.

Just like apartment lifestyle you can expect to see and interact with your neighbors and be in good terms with everyone in the building. Many people are forced to leave a certain area because of the clash of personalities and culture of their neighbors. You should get ready to communicate with people of different ethnic and cultural background that would be staying near you for much time. Once you become familiar with this type of routine you will find it hard to adjust to a quieter place and living in condo can allow you to get rid of depression as well. People are hyped about Icona on Yonge Condos because of the market value and construction. Make sure to visit their website to learn more about them.