Why Your House Needs Patios

No Western Australian house feels complete without the element of a little outdoor living and that’s what companies like Platinum Outdoors are here for. Platinum Outdoors specialises in the building of designer outdoor enclosures such as Alfreso, Car ports, Patios and Timbre Decks that you can see for yourself and learn more about over at http://platinumoutdoors.com.au/. These outdoor additions to a house are incredible for a number of reasons, which we will explore here on this page. Now without further ado, here are some of the benefits that your house can enjoy because of outdoor living areas.

Aesthetic Appeal

This is the most obvious benefit that you’ll get from designer outdoor enclosures but definitely one of the most important as well. These places can add to the theme of your house and make it look more open and closer to nature. Just have a look at Platinum Outdoor’s timbre decks for example and you’ll understand what we mean.

Increases The Value of Your Home

More living space and more aesthetic appeal means that your home will have a greater real estate value as well and if you have plans to sell your house at some point in the future, adding these outdoor areas can make a huge difference in the demands of your house and the price you can sell it at. Great investment, don’t you think?

More Room

These places are all liveable and will give you more room to spend time in with your family and your friends. Your patios can bring your closer to the outdoors and are a great place for you to just sit and unwind in by yourself even.

There are of course many other reasons to get yourself a patio or two but those you can find out about for yourself at http://platinumoutdoors.com.au/.

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Are You Looking to Enroll Your Child in Junior School in Perth?

If your son or your daughter is about to enter into year 3, 4, 5 or 6 and you’re thinking about where to send them in Perth, then you are not the only parents who is going through this suffering. No parent is alone worrying about their child’s future based on their education in the present. The junior year is one of the most important years in the building the core foundation of your child. You cannot afford to be stingy on this period of education and must put in all your efforts and resources in finding the right school for your son or for your daughter.

All Saints College

Even though the name reads ‘College’, this institute of education provides education from pre-kindergarten to year 12. They are located in Perth and are very reachable and friendly. Their curriculum is based on the WACF and the National Australian Curriculum.

Junior School

Their junior school is one of the most interactive schools and is conducive for learning proper education. They achieve this by allowing children to have their own voice and engaging them in an active manner of learning that is more fun for the children, hence easier to pay attention to and to absorb.

The Subjects

There is a wide range of subjects that are taught at All Saints College. From mathematics developing a number sense to making science understandable with a properly devised method of 5Es and history about Australia to make the more educated. ICT is also another way children are learning the tools needed for this new world, to make them prepared for the assumed knowledge and set of skills in their practical lives. Outdoor Learning Programs are also an opportunity for your child to learn in the best applicable way.

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Need One of The Best Electricians of Perth?

Many companies just work for their own benefit but do not give back to the community at all which is not a bad thing. Then there are companies that recognize the fact the community that they are working in is responsible and to be credited for its growth and prosperity which is why they fully respect the community and try to do something good for it. It is not always easy to find a company that has these values but we did manage to find out one that holds these values close and work hard everyday so that they can provide the best services to the community.

The company is an electric company and the name is Thornbury Electrics which is quite known in Perth but if you have not heard about it then we urge you to do so and we  are sure that you will switch to it. If you would care to venture on to the website of the company, you would see that the testimonials left by the clients of the company all signify that the company provides the best services in town.

One thing that is mentioned again and again by the previous clients is that the company and the workers are honest, reliable and safe which is a big deal because most companies do not have all three qualities. According to the reviews of the previous clients, the attitude of the workers is perfect enough to feel comfortable around them. A principle virtue of the company is to be professional so the electricians always arrive on time and do the job right. If you want a quick service from them, you can just take their number from the website and text them about your issue and they will be there.

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How Scientists Are Using AI to Listen to Dolphins

Machine learning is becoming more and more advanced every year thanks to more refined algorithms and better sensor technology, machine learning is already seeing a lot of use in areas where large amounts of data need to be processed. Just recently scientists have made use of an unsupervised algorithm in a research that has been monitoring the underwater chatter of dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.

This project involved collecting data through autonomous sensors that were setup all across the Gulf, after two years they had collected about 52 million echolocation click noises made by dolphins in the region. Now this is the part where artificial intelligence comes in and makes things a whole lot easier for scientists instead of having a team of people go through these 52 million sound samples and categorize them based on certain factors, scientists made use of an algorithm that did the sorting for them.

What makes this algorithm intelligent is the fact that the scientists did not “teach” it to identify already known patterns the algorithm went through all the data and learnt how and what to identify as it did its job. Being unsupervised, the algorithm did a fine job at identifying original patterns and click types that allowed researchers to identify the various dolphin species in the wild. The algorithm that was used to do the categorizing is quite similar to what social media websites and music apps use to make suggestions and recommendation to users.

Researchers believe that carrying out studies related to wildlife in this manner will allow them to gather crucial data about even the most reclusive species without causing too much disturbance in their lives. Thanks to innovations in sensor technology and a constant rise in computing capability, researchers are confident that they will be able to make use of similar data collection and analysis techniques in the future to make ground breaking discoveries about dolphin activity.

Another interesting application of such a method can be to monitor the impact of climate change and oil spills on the Gulf of Mexico’s dolphin population allowing researchers to devise ways to safeguard the wildlife of the Gulf and ensure that dolphins in that area can thrive.

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High-Temperature Superconductors That Do Not Act Up As Much

There are some copper based compounds that superconductor (or transmit electricity) without resistance without having to be cooled to ridiculously low temperatures. So far, the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory of superconductivity has not been able to explain their outliers but newer findings are suggesting that this theory does in fact apply to these materials as well.

For a superconductor to work it needs to be chilled to temperatures that come close to sub-zero levels (-273.15 degrees Celsius), however there are copper based superconductors that work just fine at temperatures greater than liquid nitrogen’s boiling point which is around -196 degrees Celsius. If scientists can find a superconductor that operates at even greater temperatures then there could potentially be a huge amount of power saving along with the need for developing new technologies going down. In order to find such a superconductor, scientists need to develop a deeper understanding of how these materials work.

Many superconductors produce swirling electric current vortices when placed in a magnetic field, which is something that has already been defined in the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory. When a copper based superconductor is placed in a magnetic field, it does not produce these vortices, this has led scientists to believe that the way in which these materials conduct differs from normal superconductors. Fortunately, this mystery about copper based superconductors (also called cuprates) is beginning to unravel thanks to physicists in the University of Geneva who have recently studied the formation of such vortices in cuprates consisting of barium, yttrium, oxygen, and copper.

These vortices can be scanned with tunneling microscopes to collect data about the vortex, when physicists probed the vortices produced by cuprates they noted that the probe was measuring two contributions in the current being produced. One came from the superconducting electrons present and the other came from the non-superconducting electrons which was spread across the material’s surface, this contribution masked the signatures that were being produced by the vortices.

The non-superconducting contribution had kept the vortices from showing, making it seem like that high-temperature cuprates did not conform to the standard superconductivity theory. These results have helped scientists develop a far better understanding of cuprates, but there is still a lot about these materials that needs to be figured out before scientists can make further groundbreaking advancements in this field.

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The Secrets of The Earth’s Humming

You would be forgiven for thinking that the planet that we live on is a solid and immovable object, but the truth is that the Earth is constantly moving and stretching, vibrating and shaking under our feet as it hurtles through the endlessness of space. Earthquakes are one example of just how active our planet is, one of the most mysterious things about the Earth is the fact that our planet has a sound, an endless hum that cannot be heard by human ears, the simplest way to describe what this hum sounds like is to slow down the sound of TV static by 10,000 times.

We are not clear about the cause behind this humming, all we know is that it is present all around the globe, researchers have recorded this ultralow frequency sound in various parts of the world and there are various theories out there that try to explain this sound. Some say it is caused by movements and vibrations in the atmosphere while others say that it is the sound of ocean waves colliding and echoing.

The fact that our planet is constantly ringing like a bell is quite fascinating, and researchers believe that if they can listen to this sound more clearly then they might be able to develop a better understanding of it as well. If the secrets behind this sound can be unravelled then we might be able to learn more about what goes on inside of our planet and we might even be able to use this sound to map alien planets.

Another peculiar thing about this humming is the fact that its frequency is not consistent, it changes along with the Earth’s vibration levels, for example when the 2011 earthquake shook Japan, the Earth rang like crazy for an entire month. Researchers reported that people all across the globe went up and down by an entire centimetre, but since it happened so slowly they hardly felt a thing. The Earth’s vibrations seems to have a direct impact on this humming, but that does not mean that they are caused by these vibrations, the humming is always there even when seismic activity is quite low.

Recent research suggests that the most likely culprit for these waves are ocean waves that are always clashing with the earth’s surface, sending vibrations deep into the planet’s crust. Vibrations and disruptions at various levels and frequencies all over the world come together to create a harmony of ultralow frequencies that resonate all across the globe with astonishing matching. Researchers are confident that this first step towards identifying this hum will be crucial in looking at this sound as more of an understandable signal rather than a mysterious sound.

Understanding this humming can be a monumental step towards developing a reliable way of mapping our planet’s bowels, scientists already make use of earthquake waves to study the planet’s interior, however, earthquakes are far too random to base an entire study on them.

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