As a general rule, we’re very cautious about the quality of water we’re drinking. In fact, some people are so paranoid about their drinking water that they end up only drinking water from packaged mineral water bottles. That’s a bit over the top since a good water filter can make your tap water very safe to drink and we all have one of these at home. However, we’re a little too relaxed about the water we use for everything else at home.

Yes, all water is treated and filtered at filtration plants before it reaches our taps but it has to travel miles of underground pipes before we finally get it as well and that’s where the trouble starts. A lot of dirt and debris might be present in these pipes and can be carried into your taps, especially if the area you live in is known for unreliable water quality. You can find this out by asking your neighbours if they drink water straight from the taps, if you’re new to the area.

We use tap water for brushing our teeth, bathing and to wash our dishes and food ingredients as well, which is why it’s important for even tap water to be as clean as possible. There are special water filters that you can install under your tap’s water sources to filter out any and all kinds of dirt and debris that make their way into your house’s water supply. These filters fit into ¾ inch water pipes, which are the most commonly used size for most homes. Before you can pick out the best water filter, you should read about what it takes for a water filer to be good enough and then pick out one that suits the level of filtration you need at home for your water to be absolutely clean.