Owning a firearm has always been a controversial subject among many people. Though hunting is one of the most common reasons for people to want to own firearms and increasing number of people claim to possess them for safety purposes. America is widely known for it’s firearm ownership laws and as such is under a lot of scrutiny both for and against it. In America, possession of firearms is a right granted by their own laws. In many cases such as in the case of intruders and criminals, a gun makes for the perfect and first and usually final line of defence but whether it’s right for you or not remains to be seen.

The truth is, any Arms Bearing Citizen would feel much more secure with a gun in between their hands but improper training in their usage as well as lack of awareness of the responsibilities that come with a tool of war can cause many mishaps and accidents. If precautions aren’t taken, your own child could think it’s a toy and disaster always follow afterwards.

Guns aren’t something that everyone feels comfortable with and that holds true for criminals as well. Just the thought of ending up on the wrong side of the barrel is enough to deter many criminals from targeting certain homes or at least, targeting them when the owner is home. The thing about owning a firearm is that a gun cannot and will not discriminate between enemy, ally or an innocent bystander. Crossfires between criminals and policemen can turn unsavoury and cause the loss of many lives today. It’s for that same reason that many citizens wish to own guns themselves to protect them and the others from any danger that might be lurking around since you never know what can happen next.