Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures of all times. It has been happening for a very long time, although nowadays there are several techniques and procedures for it and over the years things have evolved and changed a lot but the end result usually remains the same. The dentist in Miami offer in office teeth whitening. Although a complex procedure, it does give you the best possible results. Some procedures are expensive, some are budget friendly.

So while you are thinking about getting one done make sure to do your research and consider your options before finalizing any of your decisions, especially the ones related to cosmetic dentistry. So with that out of the way, we would now like to move on to the whitening procedure itself so as to give you a walkthrough of what happens during these procedures and it will help you in giving the most realistic expectations ever, so if you want to know the teeth whitening procedure, check them out below.

Matching The Current

The procedure is pretty standard and before anything, your dentist will do your consultation which basically involves taking history, and writing down all of other details including the current shade of your teeth that you stand at as of now.


The next step involves polishing the teeth and get rid of all the plaque build up from the surface. Then you dentist will strategically place gauze so as to keep your mouth dry and possibly use retractors.

Whitening Paste

The next step will be coat your teeth in a mixture of whitening solution, it is almost paste like in texture. It will be put on the top surface only. Most of the ingredients are used to bleaching and then after an adequate time has passed, the solution will be washed off.