Is it time for you to stop partying and start looking for a job? Maybe you know exactly what job you want to be doing but you aren’t too sure if you’re ready to start applying yet. Perhaps you know how to apply for a job but you have absolutely no idea what job you want to get involved in. Jobs are long-term commitments and just quitting your job early because you didn’t like it can really impair your career.

This is why career counselling Edmonton exists; to teach you what comes after your graduation. Having attended career counselling workshops during college can definitely help you with things such as drafting your CV but it won’t walk you through the steps necessary for you to find work. Here are some of those steps now.

Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses

There are some things you’re naturally good at and then there are some things you know you can’t do all that well. You need to know these, not just so you know what to tell your employer about you but so you know what job you’d be comfortable with.

Set Career Goals

Unlike your college’s careers office, a professional counsellor will help you learn the ropes from start to finish. They can help you figure out and set long term and short term goals for your career. You’ll be up for any challenge if you prepare to face it head-on.

Understand Your Options

Maybe you’re too focused on one job and that’s what’s keeping you from getting employed. Sit down with a professional career counsellor and test your aptitude. This will help you learn more about yourself and the jobs that you can apply yourself to well.