The most common problem you will find between high schoolers, adults and older people is usually stress. Now the reason why they might be stressed tends to differ; for high schoolers and college students, keeping up with their academic requirements is a strong cause of stress, for people working jobs or adults, it can be meeting upto their expectations and requirements as an adult and so on. So, while our responsibilities and expectations might differ, they still cause each of us a certain amount of stress.

Now a certain amount is normal and even healthy, however if you’re stressed for a prolonged period of time, it starts taking a toll on your health, both physically and mentally. A common problem that is associated with stress happens to be sleeping troubles. Multiple studies have found a strong correlation between the two since stress tends to lead to higher cortisol levels which ends up causing your brain to “overwork” itself. People who are stressed out also tend to have clenched/stiff muscles because of which they aren’t physically able to relax either.

Of course it isn’t possible to eliminate the source of your stress entirely, however you can still manage and control how you choose to cope or react to it. Exercise, yoga and relaxation exercises alone makes a huge difference in your sleeping pattern. In case you aren’t looking to go down the medical route, you can look up more tips on how to sleep better at night naturally as well. Of course there are a lot of other factors you need to consider. If your stress still doesn’t seem to go down, or you feel that nothing seems to work, you should consult a psychiatrist or psychologist in order to better understand why you react to stress the way you do and how you can better take care of it.