Sports is the favorite pastime of a great many people these days, from playing them to just watching them and having a good time. Football, cricket, basketball, all of these sports are watched by tens of millions of people, if not hundreds of millions, every single day. Basketball in particular is a sport that is popular all around the world, and it has been this way for a very long time indeed. The fact of the matter is that throwing balls through hoops as a measure of athletic prowess is a very old concept indeed.

Central American societies such as the Aztecs had been playing a variation of basketball thousands of years ago, although in their case they could not teach the ball with their hands but would use their shoulders, wrists and other parts of their arms to pass the ball and aim it at the hoops instead. The first proper game of modern basketball was played in the year 1892. The rules of modern basketball applied for the very first time during this game, but there were a few differences as well. For example, the court was half the size of the modern basketball court, and the game only lasted for half an hour. Not to mention the fact that only a single point was scored during the game, which contrasts greatly with today’s games where dozens of points are the norm!

Another intriguing fact about the origin of basketball is that the ball used to brown in color, similar to the color of an American football. The orange ball only came into being much later when a company called Spalding started making them! The stats here show that the orange ball didn’t really change the game, but nonetheless this variation of the ball became the standard.