You don’t need to be an expert of any kind to know that your garden needs to be watered to stay alive and well but you do need to know the right way to water your plants so that you don’t end up hurting them. For some plants, too much water can be troublesome since it makes their roots rot and for others, their bodies need more moisture than their roots do. This is why you need to have equipment that lets you cater to the watering needs of different plants.

You can even end up hurting some plant’s roots by dumping water on them. However, if you invest in the best 50 foot garden hose reel, you can reduce the risk of you hurting your plants and cater to their watering needs at the same time. A lot of gardening hoses come with shower heads with multiple spraying options that you can switch between while you’re watering your garden.

You can gently spray the leaves and flowers of some plants with a misty and then switch to a high pressure shower to wash and water other, more sturdy plants. The hose itself should be very flexible so that it doesn’t get caught up in kinks while you’re moving around your garden. It also pays to have a long range on your reel so that you can water your plants without feeling like you’re chained to the tap. Nothing is more annoying than that dreaded tug when you have a garden to water but no more hose to reach more parts of it. This is why it’s always a smart idea to have a longer hose than what you would actually need to water your garden.