The role of our mobile phones is irreplaceable in our modern lives. There are few who go without the convenience that our smartphones provide us; some job descriptions require full mastery over the phone. Being on top of everything and being notified at any moment of the smallest change is what the mobile phone is best at accomplishing, outside that it still has many utilities that just can’t be so easily replicated by other gadgets. Personal computers are too large to lug around and tablets don’t fit in your pocket. It takes effort to carry either of these around.

A mobile phone however can accomplish so much with such little effort. Trying to send a mail, checking the weather and keep alerts on the calendar or alarms on the clock can all be done through your phone. Some people can’t even go an hour without their phone whether it’s for their work or it’s just a personal preference. They’re sources of entertainment for those that make them one but best of all is being able to stay in constant communication with other people. Peers, colleagues and loved ones alike. Of course, this comes at a cost and the two main ways of paying for these services are either through prepaid or post-paid options.

Both are equally viable, it depends on your own preferences as to what you should pick over the other. You can get an idea of what the average deal looks like in prepaid packages at The main difference is that with post-paid, you can use as much as you want of pretty much any utility and just pay for what you used at the end of some time period which is usually a month. But if your usage would have come under a package, that usually would’ve been cheaper for you.