It is no surprise to any person that Thailand is one of the most visited places for vacations anywhere in the world. A lot of different companies, like the Downunder travel company, offer huge discounts and travel deals for people who are visiting Thailand because of how popular it is. However, a lot of people think Thailand is just a place for people to go to and get drunk and party non – stop at. While this is an ideal vacation to a lot of people, it is not the thing that appeals to every person who ends up going to Thailand.

So while it is true that the party scene in Thailand is crazy and a huge amount of people who go there go because of that party scene, there is still a lot to do in Thailand aside from just that. So if you are a person who is not a huge fan of drinking and dancing on beaches, these are some of the reasons you might still want to consider Thailand for a vacation trip.

One main reason is that Thailand can be a very relaxing place to be at. Many people just think that they will end up going to places like Bangkok or Phuket and that is all their entire trip can be. This is not true, Thailand is a huge place and it is surrounded on every side with beautiful beach islands. These islands are scarcely populated with the locals running entirely on services that they provide to tourists. These are also places that not as many people end up going to as the main cities, so you are in a paradise beach island with all the peace and quiet in the world for you to sun bathe, relax by the beach, and take photographs of the beautiful landscape.