The use of steroids to gain muscles is not new, people have been using different forms of steroids to stimulate muscle growth whether these are androgen, anabolic or any other form of steroids but the prescription and use of steroids has had so many controversies attached to it, and there is no great surprise in that given the fact even doctors agree that there are some negative side effects attached to use of steroids.

The degree of effect and timing of it can differ from person to person but different studies over the years have shown that prolonged use of steroids does have negative side effects, but thankfully there are some anabolic which can be used without having to worry about these adverse side effects, these stimulators are known as SARMs which stands for Selective androgen receptor modulator.

SARMs are taken through injection, dosage or orally and that can be either your choice or your prescriber’s choice depending on a few important factors, these will help you gain muscle mass, stimulate growth and give you that strength and endurance which we lack in the middle of workouts, these testosterone boosters are very effective as these are not just limited to one particular hormone rather these are a combination of a few including testosterone and working exactly like it too, SARMs hold the promise as a new form of anabolic therapy and a number of studies over the years have confirmed it again and again, and it is fair to say that SARM’s are an upgrade on the previously used prohormones and once you get familiar with the use of these effective modulators you will surely understand why medical science is so convinced that this actually is an update on the conventional steroids and why your switch to SARMs, you can find their videos here.