Women in technology is a thing that’s becoming progressively more common. STEM fields used to be very male-oriented but there was nothing barring the entry of women into the field, it was just very discouraged. But now more and more women are taking up more fields that involve STEM expertise in one way or the other.

The inhospitable environment that women would face when continuing down a path in the STEM fields was often caused by the numerically dominant men that work alongside them. Not only that, but the women that were in these jobs were found to be unsatisfied with their conditions. The demand for technology continues to grow however and the IT community and technological companies had started a change in their working conditions, listening to the needs by the employees for a better working environment.

There are now more IT jobs on the market than ever before and with this boom there was also a rise in corporate competitiveness where highly skilled and qualified women could find significant opportunities for themselves. It’s more important to have good talent no matter where it comes. The representation of women in tech fields has fluctuated a lot as well.

When the market downturn hit in the early 2000’s, technical employees were no exception and observers have mentioned that perhaps the hit was harder on women than it was on men. We’ve progressed significantly past that but the effects of those times can still be seen today. Working women in the IT field can find either very encouraging or discouraging working environments. Enticing woman to rejoin the ranks can prove to be a arduous and long journey but it’s all about taking the initiative to ensure that women as well as men, find out more.