Whether it is the hand-eye coordination or the high amount of stamina that is required for basketball, you need to develop various attributes in order to shine next time you are standing on the court. Being an expert ball handler takes time and practice, as it is not as easy as simply hiring a coach to teach you the skill within a week. Doing some drills will not only enhance your handling skills but also allow you to utilize your limited energy in a proper manner.

In order to build up your reflexes and agility, you need to incorporate several stationary practice sessions every week. Those hand movements would build up a momentum that would aid in your upcoming matches and help you remain stable in all types of conditions. No matter how good you are at dribbling your balls or doing some amazing tricks, you have to realize that is all just for fun. It won’t enhance your skills as player as those acrobatic moves would only make you look cool. The main thing you should focus on is making sure both your hands can deal with the ball in any kind of real-life situation. No matter how skillful you are at dodging the ball with your right hand, if the opponents notice that your left hand is not as good as your right hand they would take advantage of this weakness during the crucial phases of the game.

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