Latest technology is breaking all kinds of barriers and making life so much easier. In the recent times we have seen Google Launch AIs and other tech giants do the same, but now we are moving on to real time translations too? If that is the case, people might think that real translators will no longer be needed in the near future, right? Well that isn’t entirely true either. Translators will always be a helpful asset to businesses and international organizations.

So people can always depend on them. Now that being said, the latest invention we want to talk about is that of translator smartphone. Translator smartphones are a brand new product of a French smartphone company that goes by the name of Sugar. They just recently held a conference for this product’s launch in Beijing, China.

The CEO of the company relayed within the conference that they worked with AI translators and also collaboratively worked with international tourism departments of various country as well, to incorporate as many language translations as they could.

The name of model is Sugar S20, and it is supposed to be world’s first translator smartphone. Essentially it has integrated the best translations apps and machines found in the market, to make the translation as effective as possible. The best thing is that it can now translate about languages in the world and it can also do translations in offline mode.

The feature of this phone also include text translations in about eight different languages. Not only that, but if you have a banner or photo text, this phone can translate it in about 7 different languages. All of this is done in an offline mode and when online it can do so much more.