Vietnam is not always people’s first travel choice which is astonishing because of the things the country has to offer at lower costs. Since many people do not even consider travelling to this country, they have no information on the amazing islands that are located there. While many might consider this a sad fact, it is great news for foreigners who do not wish to be jostled by the crowds and be amid a lot of human bodies on the beach. Slowly, the number of tourists’ visits is increasing but it is not so much that you would not be able to enjoy a peaceful time on the islands. If you have a Hoi An travel map because you plan on going to the city, we suggest that you add an island or two to your itinerary and you can pick any island you like from our list.

Con Dao Islands

These islands have to be the best place to visit in Vietnam because they offer views that no other island can offer. With its clear and blue water, white sand, jungle and beautiful rocks, the islands look like a scene out of a movie.

Cat Ba Island

If you love outdoor sports then this is where you need to be. Many might tell you to stay in Ha Long Bay but you would be swarmed by tourists so it is a better option to stay on the island where you can enjoy all sorts of sport activities or just lay down on the cool white sand.

Cham Islands

You can get to this island by getting a boat ride from Hoi An and you can indulge in swimming or diving in the blue water or just camping and trekking throughout the island.