They say that the young generation is straying from art and architecture and that’s an area of concern for all of us. While it’s true that a lot of us aren’t really all that enthusiastic about art and architecture anymore, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that all millennials are predisposed to not appreciate art. In fact, there are many youngsters who see the present state of the world growing increasingly mundane and are making efforts to bring back art.

There are many subcultures that are dedicated to the nostalgia and appreciation of art and culture from past times so it’s okay to assume that millennials aren’t going to be the death of architecture either. On this page, we’ll bring your some of the reasons why we feel like the preservation of architecture and cultural heritage sites should be a big deal, even if these things aren’t appreciated by the majority of people. You can find blog post after blog post telling you this but here are some quick reasons.

Architecture is Pleasing

Even if you aren’t a student of architecture, your brain is programmed to find architecture very pleasing to look at. Just by looking at ancient and well preserved architecture, you trigger synaptic activity in your brain that just uplifts your mood.

Tourism’s The Word

All over the world, you’ll find the same kind of sky scrapers being built but you what you won’t find are the same heritage sites. A country’s ancient architecture is one of t’s most unique assets and even if the dwellers of the country get tired of seeing them, there are many people who travel all over the world just to witness these things for themselves.