For people who run shops, stores, or markets of any kind, one of the most important things for the business to flourish properly is the customers and their likelihood of coming back once they have visited the store. You always want the customers to become recurring customers so that you can count on them to show up every now and then and give your business a boost in sales. With regular customers you always know that the people have loyalty to your brand and will be coming back and might even bring you new customers.

his would mean stability as some amount of the earnings become somewhat regular. However, this cannot happen unless the customers are satisfied with the work, the service, or the product that you provide them with. If customers feel that they are not satisfied with what you are giving them then they will stop coming by themselves and that will end up hurting your business. This is why it is very important to not just make sure that your customers are happy, but to also get their feedback about the products or service and what they think you could improve. A lot of stores have a feedback policy where they will ask the people visiting the stores how they felt using the store and what could be improved.

Bringing the change along with the feedback is also key to making sure the customers feel like they are heard and that they matter to the company. One of the best models of this is done by Kroger super market as they use the online Kroger feedback survey to get reviews from any person who has shopped at Kroger in the past 7 days and then reward these people with discounts or prizes for the helpful feedback they gave.