FOMO or the “Fear of Missing Out” is something a lot of us happen to experience in our day to day lives It is basically the feeling where we do not necessarily want to go out somewhere but still end up going just because we feel that we might end up missing out on stuff and potential fun. Regardless of whether or not you choose to admit it, a lot of us end up going to places we do not want to go to simply because we think we will miss out, and then spend the time we are outside regretting our decisions.

A lot of us actually prefer to stay at home and watch movies and just chill in the comfort of our homes, and this is something that we should actually begin to normalize. If you are not interested in going out a certain night and just want to spend the night in, then you should do just that. Forcing ourselves to go out just for the sake of going out will only end up making us more miserable.

In fact, the entire process of watching movies and TV shows has gotten a lot easier thanks to the introduction of streaming websites like that allows us to gain access to hundreds of different types of movies which comes in HD quality, and you do not even have to necessarily pay anything to avail these services. All you need is comfortable clothes, a snack and internet connection in order to be able to the movie of your choice and just have the night to yourself to relax and de-stress. So, the next time you want to stay and watch a movie, instead of forcing yourself to go out, just stay in and do it.