When it comes to drinking water, you really do not want to make any compromises, there are hundreds of water borne diseases that can enter your body through the water you drink, including diseases such as hepatitis. Along with viruses and harmful bacteria, unclean water can also be an overly abundant source of minerals that can affect the water’s taste and cause a build-up of minerals in your body.

Water does not need to look dirty in order to be actually dirty, there is a pretty good chance that your home’s water supply carries all kinds of dirt and harmful elements that are not bad enough to make the water unusable, but they certainly make it undrinkable. A great long term solution to dealing with unclean and/or hard water is to install a faucet filter in your home; a cheap and easy to use filtering solution. Faucet water filters are quite compact and are designed to be able to reliably clean an average household’s tap water.

A faucet filter is basically an attachable accessory that connects to your tap’s water outlet, your tap water begins passing through its filter where microbes, tiny particles and other contaminants get separated from the water. What makes faucet filters so great is the fact that they can filter water instantly, meaning that you will not have to wait for water to be cleaned out every time you feel like having a drink. They are also very easy to maintain, once you have attached a faucet filter to your tap, you just need to check and replace its filter after a few months. If you are interested in faucet filters then drinkfiltered.com can tell you more, a great review website that is loaded with information on the best faucet filters currently available.